Personalized pour: How Pelee Island winery transformed customer engagement with custom labels

21 March 2024
Personalized pour: How Pelee Island winery transformed customer engagement with custom labels
Discover how a leading Canadian wine producer transformed their label design process with our innovative web-to-print solution.

The idea: Empowering customers with personalized wine labels

Pelee Island Winery, renowned for its exquisite Canadian wines, recognized an opportunity to enhance its customer experience. The winery envisioned a platform that would allow customers to personalize wine labels directly on their existing WooCommerce-based website, offering a creative and unique touch to each bottle purchased.

About the Company

Pelee Island is a Canadian winery with a rich winegrowing history spanning over 170 years. Their WooCommerce-based website allows customers to choose a wine and design its label with ease

The goal was to provide an intuitive and accessible tool for customers to customize wine labels, either bymodifyingpre-designed templates or creating entirelynew designsfrom scratch. 

We were looking to expand our B2B custom label service to the B2C Consumer. The challenge was figuring out a convenient and efficient way for our customers to do so without a lot of back and forth between designer and customer
Connor Lepoidevin, an Ecommerce Coordinator at Pelee Island Winery

The Challenge: Seamless Integration with a user-centric approach

The search for a web-to-print solution that could integrate flawlessly with their current setup was paramount. The criteria were clear: 

  • A plug-and-play solution requiring no in-house programming effort. 
  • Seamless integration with the existing WooCommerce storefront. 
  • An intuitive choice for customers between standard and custom label bottles on product pages. 
  • A user-friendly editor that ensures a smooth and efficient design experience.
  • A comprehensive personalization workflow that includes a realistic preview feature. 

The Solution: Online label editor with realistic preview 

Our solution, spearheaded by the Customer’s Canvas team, was tailored specifically to Pelee Island Winery’s needs. We configured the product to accommodate various label materials and sizes, creating templates for all label shapes and mockups for eleven standard wine bottle types. 

The wine product page in the Pelee Island online catalog
The wine product page in the Pelee Island online catalog

The customization journey begins on the product page, where customers decide between a regular bottle or one adorned with a custom label. The "Customize label" option launches oursophisticatedonline editor, loaded with templates and editing tools, including guidelines to ensure perfection in every design. 

Wine label design editor
Wine label design editor

Customer’s Canvas made the process easy for us by streamlining the label design workflow with pre-made label sizes and design templates. This cuts out a tremendous amount of time and helps us process our online orders more efficiently
Connor Lepoidevin

The approval step includes the ability to see the realistic preview
The approval step includes the ability to see the realistic preview


  • Rapid deployment: Transition from concept to launch in under two months, offering quick market entry. 
  • Autonomy in management: Empowers staff with tools for direct control over promotions and inventory, enhancing operational flexibility. 
  • Future-proof: Our swift adaptation to include new label materials, such as linen paper, exemplifies our commitment to meeting our clients' evolving needs.

The Results: surge in wine orders with personalized labels

The integration of our web-to-print solution has significantly elevated the customer experience, offering an unmatched level of personalization. The “Pet Pics” promotion is a testament to our platform's flexibility and ease of use, resulting in a substantial increase in orders. 

We are noticing a steady stream of orders coming through the software and people really enjoying the freedom of designing their own label for any occasion
Connor Lepoidevin

The “Pet Pics” promotion
The “Pet Pics” promotion

Pelee Island Winery's venture into personalized labels has not only boosted sales but also enhanced customer engagement. The winery is now poised to expand its product offerings, confident in the knowledge that our solution will streamline the customization process.The Customer'sCanvas team stands ready to support their growth, ensuring each new product can be personalized with ease and efficiency. 

I would definitely recommend Customer’s Canvas for any company looking to implement web to print functionality to their ecommerce offerings in a very straight forward and easy way. Both for the business and customer side
Connor Lepoidevin

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