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Integrating a web-to-print editor for a wide range of products: from stamps to photo cubes

15 October 2021
Integrating a web-to-print editor for a wide range of products: from stamps to photo cubes
When companies start an online printing business, finding the right personalization tool is a tricky task. You must clearly define the requirements for a web-to-print solution and use them as a guide throughout your search.

The idea: Start online printing by launching the right editor

Kopirka is a Russian printing company specializing in printing on almost any material, such as paper, plastic, or textiles. They decided to implement an online ordering system for print products on their website.

We already had some experience with e-commerce, but we still hadn’t found a flexible web-to-print tool that enables customers to create and customize designs and also integrates with our e-commerce platform.
About the Company

Kopirka is a chain of copy centers in Moscow. Founded in 2003, the company provides high-quality printing and design services, souvenir production, and much more.

The challenge: Find a high-quality solution to integrate with e-commerce

The Kopirka team began their quest for the ideal solution with online searches: what solutions exist on the market, how other companies solved similar problems, and what competitors use.

Photocube design editor in Kopirka online store
Photocube design editor in Kopirka online store

The company used the following criteria as a guide throughout their search:

  • Smooth integration with the company’s custom e-commerce platform.
  • User-friendly editor interface as well as quick, intuitive operation.
  • A dynamic web-to-print solution with constant improvements and reliable maintenance.
  • Complete documentation and on-premises license. Since the company has the infrastructure to deploy a web-to-print editor, they were looking for a vendor offering on-premises licensing.
Customer’s Canvas met all of the criteria we were looking for. The quality of the solution and maintenance played an important role in our decision-making process. We were free to spend more time improving our services instead of worrying about the integration. Complete and up-to-date documentation was also a big selling point for us. I can’t think of any other product that we would use instead of Customer’s Canvas.

The solution: Use an editor best suited for a wide range of products

Since Kopirka offers a wide range of products, they needed an editor for various personalization scenarios, from stamps to photo cubes. The company implemented the editor for both endusers and managers so they could quickly make any necessary changes for their clients.

Business card design editor
Business card design editor

Most of the editors on their website rely on pre-designed templates. End-users can search and select their desired products in the catalog and proceed to the personalization stage. Template-based editors allow end-users to edit text zones, place images, and perform many other actions.

Business card template with safety zones
Business card template with safety zones
After the customer completes the personalization process and approves the order, the online editor sends the order’s details to the e-commerce platform and then to the company’s MIS system to fulfill the order.

The results: Kopirka has an intuitive system for personalizing orders online

Kopirka’s website has become an interactive online service where their customers can personalize and order the products they want in self-service mode.

How does Customer’s Canvas implementation affect your business currently?

Before our Customer’s Canvas integration, we didn’t have a user-friendly online resource – only a product catalog. Our staff interacted with customers by mail, phone, or messenger apps to create the necessary designs. Constantly communicating back and forth this way was very time-consuming. Now, we have a flexible system that we are constantly improving.

Would you recommend Customer’s Canvas web-to-print software to someone else?

We would recommend Customer’s Canvas to businesses that want to develop an online service to expand their customers’ personalization options with web-to-print.

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