Business cards are a great example to show off the exciting features that web-to-print has to offer. Below are several sample business cards of varying complexity that demonstrate the flexible functionality of Customer’s Canvas, which can be applied to a wide variety of products.

Business Cards

Provide a simple interface for beginners

  • Fixed elements
  • Single-sided design

This demo allows users to only modify predefined placeholders in a template, which can help keep sensitive elements like company branding consistent. This is a simple product with only a front side.

  • Users can enter their own text into placeholders
  • A locked interface prevents moving, adding or deleting elements
  • WYSIWYG interface provides a user-friendly experience
  • Both single and multi-line texts are supported
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Give users more control over their designs

  • Add or remove elements
  • Edit everything
  • Safety zones

Users have more freedom when using the advanced mode. They can add their own texts, logos, and a variety of other elements. The editor can display safety lines, rulers, and gridlines to give users a better idea of how their artwork should be positioned. Crop marks can also be shown on the proof image.

  • Add or edit text
  • Choose from a variety of fonts
  • Move or delete elements
  • Add a QR code
  • Upload your own logos and images
  • Change your design’s background
  • Choose images from the public gallery
  • Display safety lines and cropping marks
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Add a back side to your design

  • Double-sided design
  • Linked placeholders
  • Copyfitting

With Customer’s Canvas, you and your customers are not limited to one side. Experience the freedom of adding multiple surfaces to your products, such as a front and back side on a business card. Like the front, a back side can be predesigned in-house or added by a user.

  • Switch between front and back sides at will
  • Toggle the editor between simple and advanced mode
  • Use linked text placeholders to keep both sides consistent
  • Autofit a text’s size
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Rounded corners made easy!

  • Non-rectangular shape
  • Photo placeholders
  • Prepopulated text

Customer’s Canvas enables you to offer your customers unique product shapes like rounded corners. These shapes can be easily displayed in the editor in the form of an overlay, which can be toggled on or off at a user’s convenience.

  • Emulate non-rectangular shapes with an overlay
  • Edit in simple mode
  • Use image placeholders
  • Prepopulate data fields
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Fun and creative preview images

  • Photo realistic 3D preview

Your users do not have to rely on the flat design in the editor to get a clear idea of their finished product. Customer’s Canvas allows users to make more attractive preview images, such as a stack of business cards or a hand holding your business card. Be creative!

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Make your business card unique with more design options!

  • Paper type option
  • Vertical layout

In this demo, we provide the user with even more design choices. The first and most obvious is the vertical orientation, but users can also experiment with different paper texture overlays. For example, a user can preview what their design looks like on a linen paper texture without it appearing on the printed design. Creativity is made easy in this demo with a feature that allows users to choose images, icons, and border styles from a dropdown list in the editor.

  • Preview a paper texture before printing
  • Vertical orientation allows for a unique layout
  • Easily swap out images with predefined image lists
  • Text autofit resizes texts that are too long
  • More font styles with the rich text editor
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