While flyers are typically used as a “shotgun method” of marketing – focusing more on quantity than content and hoping that a few people don’t throw them away after a 5-second glance – brochures are made to be attractive, informative, and something that people will be more likely to hold on to. A good brochure with this kind of staying power has quite a complicated layout and a good balance of text and related photos. Customer’s Canvas has all of the advanced text and image tools one needs to create a brochure that people want to read.


Bi-fold leaflet

  • Single folding line
  • Advanced text features

With a single folding line, a bi-fold leaflet maintains simplicity while still allowing ample room for images and text. This design will focus on some of Customer’s Canvas’s advanced text features. These features help manage the layout effectively, allow for some interesting text design elements, and make it easier for end-users to add information later.

  • Multi-column text allow users to budget space effectively
  • Non-rectangular text blocks wrap texts inside shapes
  • Text placeholders make editing easy for end-users
  • Enable spell checking to avoid silly mistakes
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Tri-fold leaflet

  • Three panels
  • Advanced image features

Tri-fold brochures have more surfaces and therefore more space for images without needing to sacrifice text. With more real estate for photos, this design will allow users to experiment with more of Customer’s Canvas’s robust image features. Users can utilize several different types of placeholders to control where and how end-users can add their photos.

  • Placeholder stubs encourage users to add their own images
  • Creative non-rectangular and rotated image placeholders
  • Logo placeholders may be limited by certain gallery items
  • Linked placeholders allow for adding one pic to several places
  • Image lists allow users to choose a predefined value in a template
  • Text blocks may wrap images if they overlap
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Z-fold leaflet

  • Freehand editor
  • Alternative folding scheme

A Z-fold brochure has a double folding line similar to tri-fold brochures, but the folding scheme is different and allows for a different layout. This design gives the user for freedom with editing in Advanced Mode. Users can also experiment with choosing between two different sizes for this brochure.

  • Advanced Mode gives users more design freedom
  • Get creative with various backgrounds
  • Safety zones markup helps users visualize folding schemes
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  • InDesign templates
  • Advanced editing
  • Image placeholders

This demo explores using templates created in Adobe InDesign to personalize a menu design for a restaurant. An uploaded template can be modified by the end user, including any image or text layers.

  • Personalize a design template created in Adobe InDesign
  • Edit restricted text and image layers
  • Upload images to placeholders from a categorized library
  • Save the personalized design to a print-ready file
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