Parking decals are a printed product that surrounds us everyday, even if we don’t notice them. You might even have a couple in your car right now. This is a type of product that is very specific, and you may not want to give users a lot of choice in their creation. Even several texts may be off limits to users due to the important information they contain. However, a versatile image editor like Customer’s Canvas is still necessary because parking decals can come in many different shapes and colors, and you want to control that.

Parking Decals

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Simple oval sticker

Simple oval sticker

  • Oval shape
  • Simple design

When it comes to parking decals, a sticker like this one is as simple as it gets. The user only needs to choose a color scheme and specify their parking space number. This product has an oval shape.

  • Non-rectangular shapes allow for interesting designs
  • Text autofit ensures texts do not bleed out of the text area
  • Switch color schemes for customizability
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Predefined values

Predefined values

  • List-based text field
  • Limit design control

Sometimes allowing users to enter arbitrary text on official products like parking decals is too liberal. Limiting them with a list of predefined values can prevent users from changing important details. For example, a parking permit may have several tiers – visitor, employee, resident, etc. A user can choose it from a list instead of typing it.

  • Use predefined values to limit permissions
  • Choose from several background colors
  • Simple data entry with dropdown lists
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Irregular shapes

Irregular shapes

  • Linked placeholders
  • Complex design

Parking decals are not limited to simple sticker designs. Users may want a hanger for their rearview mirror instead. Hangers also give users more options as they can have a double-sided design. There are some cases where the same information must be displayed on both sides. This can be done easily with linked text and images.

  • Explore complex designs with irregular shapes
  • More with freedom with double-sided designs
  • Easily keep text consistent on both sides with linked placeholders
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