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Seeing is believing: enhanced previews in Customer's Canvas online editor

05 December 2018
Seeing is believing: enhanced previews in Customer's Canvas online editor
Digital technology has revolutionized the printing industry, changing everything from internal printing processes to online storefronts. Now, ordering business cards or personalized gifts online is as easy as ordering a pizza. The online product preview plays an essential role in the convenience that online print customers enjoy today. As innovative as these changes are, people tend to eventually get used to anything, and something that once looked futuristic is now taken for granted. As more printers add an online preview functionality to their online storefront, you need something extra to stand out from the crowd and impress your customers. That’s why the team behind Customer’s Canvas is constantly working to create new features to keep your customers amazed. Let’s take a look at some of our latest developments that will make your online previews look even more realistic.

Static 3D previews

Watch products come to life with blending modes

Blending modes are great tools for conveying realistic textures in a preview. Using different blending modes can help you create beautiful online previews for complex personalized objects. You can add UV gloss, simulated foiling, or any other texture you want to give your customers a better idea of how their final products will look.

Blend mode

Creating static previews has never been easier

A static 3D preview is a great way to increase conversion rates, although it may be quite time-consuming for your designer to set up. The Customer’s Canvas team has made this process easier to help you reduce labor hours while keeping the same high level of preview quality. Our latest update has made it easier to align warped images on objects like mugs or bottles, allowing your designers to put their time to better use elsewhere.

mug preview

Spoiler: Dynamic 3D previews

A pseudo-3D preview can be very effective at showing how a physical object will actually appear when it’s printed. But why not give your customers the real deal? What if your customers could view an online preview from different angles, and even fold the objects in real time? Real 3D previews are a feature of Customer’s Canvas Packaging, but we are currently working toward adding that feature to our online editor.

In an industry where the competition is relentlessly tough, those who adopt cutting-edge technologies early on come out on top. The Customer’s Canvas team is here to guarantee that your online storefront is outfitted with all the benefits of the latest advancements in web-to-print technology.

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