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Create personalization workflows of any complexity with the new Customer's Canvas UI Framework

The Customer’s Canvas online editor was developed to be as flexible as possible. Our ultimate goal is to create software that will be able to implement any kind of personalization for printed products. One of the milestones toward reaching that goal is the development of a new technology called UI Framework. This new technology opens up nearly limitless possibilities for online storefronts in terms of ordering workflow scenarios.

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Seeing is believing: enhanced previews in Customer's Canvas online editor

Digital technology has revolutionized the printing industry, changing everything from internal printing processes to online storefronts. Now, ordering business cards or personalized gifts online is as easy as ordering a pizza. The online product preview plays an essential role in the convenience that online print customers enjoy today. As innovative as these changes are, people tend to eventually get used to anything, and something that once looked futuristic is now taken for granted. As more printers add an online preview functionality to their online storefront, you need something extra to stand out from the crowd and impress your customers. That’s why the team behind Customer’s Canvas is constantly working to create new features to keep your customers amazed. Let’s take a look at some of our latest developments that will make your online previews look even more realistic.

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Introducing Depositphotos integration for our web-to-print editor

The ability to browse and place professional artwork into personalized designs is very important to many users who utilize our technology to create print materials. Professional stock images improve the perception of print designs and make them look high-end. With the help of our partners at Depositphotos, our customers can now connect their storefronts to their stock image library and give their end users access to millions of image assets

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How to Get Repeat B2B Customers with Online Printing

B2C clients can be unpredictable in their buying patterns while B2B clients can bring a shop reliably repetitive business. However, bringing these repeat business customers on board is not as easy as securing the average one-off job. When companies order print products – whether it’s business cards for a consultant, booklets for a real estate company, or flyers for a landscaping business – they are not just paying for a piece of paper with ink on it. They are also paying for the good impression that they hope to give to their prospects and clients. A company’s image is one of their most valuable assets, and they will only provide a printer with that reliable repeat business if the printer can present that image effectively.

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Under the hood of Customer’s Canvas implementation

When thinking about a web-to-print solution, many visualize a nice-looking online storefront designed for ordering print products. From the outside looking in, it appears as simple as Amazon - you just go to the site, pick a product, personalize its design or create it from scratch, and then add it to the shopping cart. From a technical standpoint, however, it’s much more sophisticated than it looks on the outside...

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