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New Customer's Canvas online editor Demos

It’s better to see something once with your own eyes than hear about it a hundred times. A good product can speak for itself, demonstrating its capabilities in an environment as close to a real use case as possible. Therefore, we’ve added new demos to show off the rich features of our online editor.

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How to Get Repeat B2B Customers with Online Printing

B2C clients can be unpredictable in their buying patterns while B2B clients can bring a shop reliably repetitive business. However, bringing these repeat business customers on board is not as easy as securing the average one-off job. When companies order print products – whether it’s business cards for a consultant, booklets for a real estate company, or flyers for a landscaping business – they are not just paying for a piece of paper with ink on it. They are also paying for the good impression that they hope to give to their prospects and clients. A company’s image is one of their most valuable assets, and they will only provide a printer with that reliable repeat business if the printer can present that image effectively.

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