New Customer's Canvas online editor Demos

02 May 2018
New Customer's Canvas online editor Demos
It’s better to see something once with your own eyes than hear about it a hundred times. A good product can speak for itself, demonstrating its capabilities in an environment as close to a real use case as possible. Therefore, we’ve added new demos to show off the rich features of our online editor.

web-to-print pen


Promo products like branded pens are a common yet very effective way for your customers to increase their brand recognition. When working with tangible goods, it’s very important to enable your customers to see how their design will look in 3D so they can know exactly what they’re getting before placing their order. The Customer’s Canvas editor has the ability to generate realistic 3D previews and gives your customers the freedom to personalize their promo products, creating some truly memorable respresentation for their company.

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While it is essential that a stamp’s final design looks good, the round shape and curved texts common with many stamp designs pose a few unique challenges. Customer’s Canvas addresses these challenges effortlessly and gives your customers the opportunity to personalize their stamps online. Customers can view their final design in a realistic 3D preview. After the stamp is approved, a vector output file is created that is compatible with your stamp printing equipment.

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warning signs

Information Signs

Information signs are still widely used in many different spheres of life. They can be as serious as the warnings for special safety restrictions or a simple gag gift that a teenager would hang on the door to their room. Either way, the process of creating these signs is anything but trivial. Users should be able to choose between different layouts, upload their graphics or choose from libraries, and be assured that sizing and other standards required by law are met without difficulty. The Customer’s Canvas online editor allows you to set the sign size, customize them based on your clients’ needs, and generate a 3D preview to give them a good idea of how their sign will look in real life.

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Nameplates have been used for decades to mark different products. This is one of the best ways thus far to convey information about a product to anyone who might need it. Many types of products have their own requirements for the information that must appear on nameplates, as well as where it must be placed. Therefore, the ability to restrict the placement of text is necessary. It is also important to be able to save files to a vector format so that you get an excellent result no matter what method of production you use.

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