Customer's Canvas for Drupal Commerce

23 July 2018
Customer's Canvas for Drupal Commerce
The main advantage of a web-to-print API like Customer’s Canvas is the ability to integrate into any e-commerce or MIS system for maximum flexibility. This also entails taking into account the internal features of each individual customer’s business processes. We are excited to announce that a web-to-print plug-in based on Customer’s Canvas technology is now available for Drupal Commerce from our partners at Acro Media.

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Not every task can be solved with the built-in functionality of Drupal Commerce. One of these shortcomings is the customization of printed products. While working on a project for a client, the Acro Media team encountered a need for this functionality. However, none of the solutions available at that moment met their needs, mostly due to problems with generating a print-ready file for the finished design.

After researching many options, Acro Media’s project manager settled on Customer's Canvas. It was our product that met all of these requirements, namely:

  • SAAS (which means a drop in capex)
  • White label
  • Availability of necessary functionality for working with printed products
  • Completely customizable
  • Iframe-friendly
  • Flexible API

“Customer's Canvas was one of the very few web-to-print tools that offered a fully integrated experience. It struck a balance between being easy for the customers and enough flexibility for our developers to meet our client's expectations of the integration,” says Josh Miller, Senior Developer & Team lead at Acro Media. “One very awesome piece of Customer’s Canvas was how smooth the hardest part just worked: The layout was saved and could be revisited and edited using a simple link that the API returned every time. This made it incredibly powerful to integrate.”

The result of the work was the development of the first third-party web-to-print Drupal 7 plug-in. Moreover, this plug-in is available in the public domain. In the future, the Acro Media team plans to port the plug-in to Drupal 8. You can find out more about the plug-in in their recent blog post. We congratulate Acro Media on their excellent work, and are happy that our technology turned out to be the most suitable for overcoming the obstacles they encountered. This once again solidifies Customer’s Canvas as one of the most flexible solutions on the market for solving the business challenges of customers, regardless of which software they use to automate their workflows.

"We are pleased that our product was used to create this plug-in," says Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO at Customer's Canvas by Aurigma. "It was originally developed taking into account the rich opportunities for integration. Thanks to Acro Media, Drupal users can now provide their customers with new opportunities for product personalization, which is in great demand today."

If you are using Drupal 7 for you online storefront, you can test the functionality of the new web-to-print plug-in to see if it is suitable for your needs.

Try Customer's Canvas Drupal plugin

Read Acro Media blog post

*This plug-in was not developed by Aurigma, therefore we are not responsible for its functionality. You must purchase a Customer’s Canvas license in order to use the plug-in.

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