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Questions to ask when planning your web-to-print integration.

Implementing web-to-print is one of the best business decisions almost any print service provider can make due to all of the benefits the technology offers and today’s shifting market landscape that morphs in the face of the rapidly evolving industry and customer behavior. Rather than asking “should I add web-to-print to my business,” printers are now asking “how do I do this properly”. This is surely a huge investment both in terms of finances and resources. That’s why the crucial part of each web-to-print implementation project is planning. In this article, we will discuss the main points that every printer should consider before starting such a project.

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A Better Customer’s Canvas: Autumn 2019

This fall has been filled with intensive and productive work for the Customer’s Canvas engineering team. In addition to working on some significant features that were showcased at the Print19 trade show, a number of not-so-major albeit still important improvements were also implemented in our latest releases.

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Case Study: Powering up a turn-key online business for a startup that sells printed artwork

Running a new business is always a race. The less time is spent between the initial idea to the first customers, the more opportunities there is to validate this idea and see if it has a market traction. No matter if your idea is good, or bad, fast time to market really helps for both variants. You can either start getting money from your clients sooner or start tuning the original idea to fit the market better.

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Web-to-print technology brings new opportunities to charity

The team behind Customer’s Canvas by Aurigma has successfully implemented its web-to-print editor with a charity project that helps young cancer patients share their artistic talents. The recent integration enables new features that allow visitors to support patient programs by purchasing merchandise inspired by the patients’ artwork.

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PRINT19 Impressions

Our team has just returned from an exciting 3 days at the PRINT19 trade show in Chicago where we talked to our existing customers, met new prospects, and discussed the latest trends in the printing industry with key players in the market.

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