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What's new in Customer's Canvas 5.0

The main theme of this release is making Customer’s Canvas more developer-friendly than ever. New Design Atoms Framework API, code examples, revised default config settings, revised app structure, officially – all these improvements increase developer friendliness tenfold! Let’s explore each improvement in more details.

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Year in Review 2018 | Customer's Canvas

2018 was an exciting, productive year for the Customer’s Canvas team. Our developers have been hard at work on new product features, new integrations, and even a brand-new product that makes personalized packaging accessible and affordable for businesses large and small. Let’s take a closer look at last year’s highlights!

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New in Customer's Canvas: Enhanced Variable Data Printing module

Personalization has grown into one of the key marketing trends over the last few years. Since marketers have begun to increasingly rely on this method, customers and prospects have come to expect a personalized experience. This personalization can be used in several different mediums. Of course, personalization is commonly used in old-fashioned email campaigns or targeted ads, but it is also becoming more prevalent in printed ads. For printing companies, this means a strong rise in demand for personalized printing materials. While such orders are more profitable for printers, they require modern web-to-print solutions that support variable data printing (VDP) functionality.

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Imposition: automate your order receiving process with Customer's Canvas

The Customer’s Canvas online editor is a powerful tool tailored to help printing companies automate the customization workflow of their printed products. Once an order has been placed, the process doesn’t end there. In order to minimize the usage of materials and optimize the printing process, personalized designs should be imposed properly.

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New finishing features in Customer's Canvas

When people order personalized printed products, they often want the final result to be something truly unique. To give a more luxurious appearance to an invitation or business card, a finishing method for print products (embossing, foil, varnishing, etc.) can be applied. For printers, post-processing is a good way to improve an order’s profit margin and offer customers additional opportunities to make their designs stand out. With the new version of the Customer’s Canvas online editor, you can give your clients the ability to create personalized designs with some of these elegant finishing techniques.

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