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Web-to-print technology brings new opportunities to charity

30 October 2019
Web-to-print technology brings new opportunities to charity
The team behind Customer’s Canvas by Aurigma has successfully implemented its web-to-print editor with a charity project that helps young cancer patients share their artistic talents. The recent integration enables new features that allow visitors to support patient programs by purchasing merchandise inspired by the patients’ artwork.

Customers can order custom printing online for a wide range of products, including holiday greeting cards. After this most recent update, a new workflow was implemented to simplify the ordering process and expand personalization capabilities.

The updated version of the site is based on the Shopify platform and allows visitors to order postcards and envelopes through a multi-step wizard where they may select the size of the postcard, personalize the message, upload a company logo, and personalize the envelope.

The number of different products and options that can be applied to a specific product presented a big challenge for this project. Setting up such configurations usually requires a lot of labor from highly-trained personnel, which makes such projects very expensive and time-consuming. Customer’s Canvas can tackle these challenges with innovative technology that determines which managers can configure each product, including their assets and options.

Another distinguishing feature of this solution is the watertight integration between the online editor, e-commerce platform, third-party plugins, and print service provider. This integration enables an automated ordering workflow that allows users to choose from available options for a specific product and calculates the price in real-time based on the selected configuration and quantity, right within the editor. A third-party Shopify plugin is connected to apply volume discounts, if applicable.

This was a special project for us. We appreciate the importance of such initiatives and strived to make this integration as seamless as possible by removing barriers and making the personalization and ordering processes transparent and convenient for both the customer and the organization.

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