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A Better Customer’s Canvas: August 2019

31 August 2019
A Better Customer’s Canvas: August 2019
Our team is committed to keeping Customer’s Canvas ahead of the game with the most innovative web-to-print technology on the market. This means constantly refining our technology to ensure that it remains the best solution for our clients. Our talented developers are releasing updates so frequently that we’ve decided to start a monthly blog post to keep our users up to speed with the latest features that Customer’s Canvas has to offer.

Support for IDML linked images in the Web API

When you download and move InDesign templates or mockups that contain links to images, the Web API now downloads and moves these images with their IDML files together. Support has been added for subfolders and filtering in the ProductTemplates controller. You can now list specified file types in specified subfolders.

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Support for placeholder content properties in the Rendering Web API

You are now able to personalize image placeholders by using the content object in itemData.

Improved security for the setUserId method

When your users start working in the anonymous mode in the Design Editor, they can log-in to their accounts later and keep the changes they made and the files they uploaded. The setUserId method allows you to move all the data from a temporary account to the user’s account. Before using this method, you must now enable the secure mode and update an authentication token with a user ID.

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Configurable canvas zoom level

You can now specify maximum and minimum zoom values. This is useful for displaying large-scale products on the canvas without scroll bars.

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Improved upgrade process

Some problems with the invalidation of the browser cache after upgrading Customer’s Canvas have been fixed.

Added a new VDP solution

You can now use products as templates for variable data printing in the Design Atoms Framework and the Web API. You can provide a product definition, select product pages, and specify variable data to render a new personalized product.

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Stay updated with Customer’s Canvas

Make sure you have the latest version of Customer’s Canvas to take advantage of all these exciting new features. Contact our support team if you have any questions regarding new functionality.

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