New in Customer's Canvas: Enhanced Variable Data Printing module

14 January 2019
New in Customer's Canvas: Enhanced Variable Data Printing module
Personalization has grown into one of the key marketing trends over the last few years. Since marketers have begun to increasingly rely on this method, customers and prospects have come to expect a personalized experience. This personalization can be used in several different mediums. Of course, personalization is commonly used in old-fashioned email campaigns or targeted ads, but it is also becoming more prevalent in printed ads. For printing companies, this means a strong rise in demand for personalized printing materials. While such orders are more profitable for printers, they require modern web-to-print solutions that support variable data printing (VDP) functionality.

All marketing departments across the US continue to try and answer the age-old question: What is the best marketing strategy to reach our customers? Methods that had seemed modern a few years ago are now losing their momentum. This dwindling effectiveness forces companies to rethink their marketing mix in order to gain their prospects’ attention.

The Customer’s Canvas team showcased VDP functionality at Print18 and we have since received a great deal of positive feedback from our clients. VDP is now among our top priorities, and we are working hard on new capabilities that make various personalization scenarios possible for your B2B customers. Our new VDP module can cater to personalized print campaigns of any complexity.

Here are some of the new VDP features in our recent updates.

Inline variable fields

VDP inline

Digital marketing companies, especially with email newsletters, is utilizing inline variable fields as an industry standard. Personalized themes, greetings, or unique promo codes are now in any modern marketer’s arsenal. Customer’s Canvas can provide your customers with these same options, as well as a comprehensive toolkit for taking orders with VDP design.  

All one needs to do is add a special merge tag to the template and link it with a data source. Previously, text insertion was only available for the whole text area. Now, it is possible to change a specific part of the text block.

Image VDP support

variable images

Text is not the only thing that can be personalized. Including a unique image into a design can sometimes be more effective than personalized text. The latest version of our online editor allows your clients to insert personalized images into a placeholder. The background can also be changed, which opens up additional opportunities for your customers to personalize their designs.

Personalized barcodes

variable barcodes

Including some additional information in barcodes can be a very useful marketing tool. A PURL can be incorporated into QR-codes to measure a campaign’s performance or to send a special offer. This feature is only limited by the imagination of your customer’s marketing department. Furthermore, it can be used to add contact information to event badges.

Third-party software integration makes it possible to connect your client’s CRM to generate such barcodes quickly and easily.

Our team is constantly working to develop new features that help increase the profitability of your printing business. If you would like to see more information on our software capabilities, feel free to contact our sales team. 

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