A better Customer's Canvas: Spring 2020

31 May 2020
A better Customer's Canvas: Spring 2020
The spring of a very challenging 2020 is finally coming to a close. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the continued need to work remotely, our team remains as productive as ever, and has even delivered a number of new features and improvements. Here is the latest batch of new updates that we’ve released over the last 3 months.

Online editor

  • We’ve introduced a new group feature for design elements. To import groups from Photoshop and InDesign templates as a group object in Customer's Canvas, specify the <GR> marker in group names. You can also define how groups of design elements should be imported by default
  • You are now able to render actual-sized proof images and render previews of all product pages to a multi-page PDF file through the IFrame API.
  • We’ve added a PointText button action. For example, you can define this button in the Toolbox to insert plain point text into a region
  • You can now define the file name when downloading PDF proof images that were generated through getProofImages. To define the name, use the filename query parameter.

Asset Manager

  • We’ve added the ability to limit the size of uploaded user images
  • There are additional supported formats in the Google Drive integration: BMP, GIF, TIFF, SVG, and AI.
  • You may now open the Asset Manager using the Iframe API to add or replace images or backgrounds. It was previously only possible to do so within the editor interface. Now, it’s possible to use a button on your website, or a UI Framework widget.


  • You can now use a pinch gesture to zoom in or out for content in image placeholders on mobile devices.

Third-party integration

Web-to-print templates

  • We’ve added the IgnoreInDesignMissingLinks parameter to configure how to process missing images when reading InDesign templates. If True, it creates an empty image placeholder instead of such an image. By default, this parameter is False, which throws an exception
  • We changed the settings for importing groups from Photoshop and InDesign templates. The UseFlattenGroups parameter has been renamed to FlattenGroups, and its default value has been changed to False to maintain groups of design elements.

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