New in Customer's Canvas: Group objects

30 April 2020
New in Customer's Canvas: Group objects
Building an online editor with features that closely resemble its desktop counterpart is one of the fundamental challenges of web-to-print software. We are thrilled to announce that Customer’s Canvas just became even friendlier to the end-users with the introduction of group objects.

The group objects feature allows you to combine design elements into a single group to simplify the product personalization process. With the latest version of Customer’s Canvas software, your designers can group elements when creating a product design in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop and our editor will preserve these groups after you import the file.

To do this, simply add the marker <GR> to the group name.

It is also possible to group and ungroup elements within the online editor to make the personalization process easier.

To learn more about this new feature and updating Customer’s Canvas, please contact our representatives. 

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