Shopify Storefronts for the Printing Industry

27 February 2017
Shopify Storefronts for the Printing Industry
More and more companies all over the world see the Internet as a major marketing and sales channel these days.

It drives the demand for e-commerce systems, and the Shopify’s better-than-expected revenue report doesn’t come as a surprise. Their hosted platform is well made and extremely popular among businesses entering uncharted territory of online sales.

The printing industry is not an exception. Web-to-print technologies gain popularity among print service providers embracing the online world. Even conservative smaller shops now allocate budgets for online storefronts and want the bells and whistles that large competitors like Vistaprint can provide.

With stiff budgets, Shopify is a good way to take first steps in online sales as the platform affords almost everything printers could think of. The only remaining questions is how to enable end users to design products in self-service mode and attach them to orders? This is where Customer’s Canvas comes into play. Our company implemented its web-to-print technology into Shopify and offers it as a complete plug-and-play solution.

If you own a print shop and are looking to start online business with Shopify, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our technology will turn your online storefront into fully functional web-to-print site. And the coolest thing about it is that your designers don’t even need to learn anything new. The web-to-print solution supports pre-designed templates created in Adobe Photoshop.

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