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5 questions about web-to-print Ecommerce applications answered

What began as a simple tool for creating basic business cards years ago have now evolved into full-fledged editors for creating various types of products with complex designs. This shift is occurring as printing companies and marketing providers have finally come to the understanding that web-to-print technology allows them to diversify their offering and adopt new product categories with a relatively small investment, as well as better serve customers and increase their satisfaction level. In this blog post, we answer five commonly asked questions about web-to-print implementation.In this blog post we tried to answer 5 commonly asked questions about web-to-print implementation.

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Shopify Storefronts for the Printing Industry

More and more companies all over the world see the Internet as a major marketing and sales channel these days.

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A superb web-to-print designer created by programmers for programmers

This is the first post in the Customer’s Canvas blog we’re starting here at Aurigma. I’d like to open it by describing the vision that directed our team’s efforts as we developed our web-to-print solution.

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