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A better Customer’s Canvas: Summer 2022

23 September 2022
A better Customer’s Canvas: Summer 2022
With Autumn fast approaching, it’s time again for our traditional What’s New in Customer’s Canvas update! After the latest batch of improvements, the experience is even better for end-users, managers, developers, and everyone who works with our web-to-print solution.

Table of content

    Design editor updates

    Applying limits for text fields. We’ve added some limits when editing text elements. Limits define the maximum number of symbols the user can enter into the text field. Now you can set up the total number of characters, paragraphs, and symbols in each paragraph. This improvement helps prevent end-users from crossing safety lines while editing text elements. 

    There are several ways to set limit values: you can do so by marking the layers in Photoshop or configuring them with the Customer’s Canvas Template editor.


    Working with lists in the mobile editor. End-users can now easily create bulleted and numbered lists in the mobile editor. Some print products like brochures or business cards contain information that looks better as a list. Customers who prefer to place orders via mobile phones can create, edit, and apply different styles to lists. Give them a chance to create!


    Setting a new data type for QR codes. We’ve added a new data type for displaying QR codes called Code data. If you have some unique requirements for QR codes, you may allow users to enter custom data.


    Enabling custom grips, rubber bands, and spotlights. These unique items help visualize the selection of design elements in the editor’s interface. A rubber band is the rectangle area you see when choosing elements with the left mouse button pressed. Spotlights are utilized when you want to highlight the selected objects.

    With grips, you can resize the selected design element. Now you can configure the style of these items. For example, pick the colors that match your online shop theme or define the linewidth.


    Template editor improvements

    Setting general permissions to multiple objects. It’s now possible to apply common permissions for multiple objects: shapes, fonts, images, and other design elements. For example, you might have several images and would like to limit how they are rotated or resized. Now you can select many elements and apply these properties to them all at once.


    Updates to e-commerce integration

    Editing in full-screen mode. The Customer’s Canvas design editor can seamlessly operate with your e-commerce platform in various modes. It can function in a pop-up editor or as a built-in editor on the product page. To simplify the editing process, we’ve added a full-screen mode. This mode is also better adapted to the mobile version. The full-screen editor is now available for integration with WooCommerce. It’s also possible to set up full-screen mode for other platforms like Shopify!


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    • Many other features.

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