WhatTheyThink experts discussed the capabilities of Customer’s Canvas at a recent webinar

03 February 2023
WhatTheyThink experts discussed the capabilities of Customer’s Canvas at a recent webinar
We break down some insights from the WhatTheyThink webinar dedicated to Customer’s Canvas integration into e-commerce-based storefronts.

Our team recently participated in a webinar hosted by WhatTheyThink Magazine to discuss the benefits of Customer’s Canvas integration. During the event, WhatTheyThink experts Pat McGrew from McGrew Group and Ryan McAbee from Pixel Dot Consulting considered particular points of web-to-print integration into e-commerce-based storefronts.


WhatTheyThink Magazine is a global printing industry information resource. They provide news and analysis about trends, technologies, and events in the printing industry.

Anthony Ilinykh, our sales director, introduced the Customer’s Canvas solution, its capabilities, and key features. He outlined the importance of the preliminary stage of integration when Customer’s Canvas experts gather a client’s requirements to determine the right path forward. This collaborative approach helps us better adapt the solution to meet the needs of printing companies.

Caleb Vandenheuvel from Industry Print Solutions (IPS) also joined the webinar and kindly shared their real-world experience from working with our solution.

He told us how they successfully integrated Customer’s Canvas with their online store for selling marketing materials. We provided IPS with a design editor that helps users adhere to strict branding guidelines while creating print products.

The WhatTheyThink experts highlighted the value of the Customer’s Canvas solution’s ability to provide accurate preview functionality and generate reliable print-ready files.

IPS also uses the Customer's Canvas admin panel to streamline the order fulfillment process. According to Caleb, it saves them tens of hours per week, freeing his team up to focus on essential business needs.

At the end of the meeting, participants discussed one of the major Customer’s Canvas updates - the Product Information Management (PIM) module that simplifies setting up product options.

The full webinar is also available to view on the WhatTheyThink website after registration.

We would like to thank the WhatTheyThink experts and Caleb Vandenheuvel from IPS for the great meeting and glowing feedback for the Customer’s Canvas solution. If you have any questions about our web-to-print tool, please reach out. We will be glad to hear from you!

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