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A Better Customer’s Canvas: July’19

05 August 2019
A Better Customer’s Canvas: July’19
Our development team is devoted to making Customer’s Canvas the market’s most powerful web-to-print editor. We’ve been adding new features on a near-daily basis to ensure that our technology is, and remains, the best solution for your next project. To keep you informed on these developments as they come out, we decided to start a new tradition of posting a blog each month that summarizes the latest and greatest Customer’s Canvas features.

Support for Pantone colors

Customer’s Canvas can now generate an additional channel within a print-ready PDF file to work with designs that require Pantone colors.

New Web API to manage fonts

This API allows you to perform CRUD operations on fonts. For example, you can load added fonts on the client automatically.

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Work with InDesign templates

Customer’s Canvas is now able to read elements with the blending mode from IDML templates. This was previously only possible for PSD files.

Recolor grayscale images

If you add a grayscale image to an IDML template, it’s now possible to recolor it with any color.

New API to work with STATE files

This new API allows you to store STATE files on external servers. This might help high-load applications avoid problems with Customer’s Canvas performance if your clients generate a lot of STATE files.

Updated iFrame API

You can now select a particular design element by name for further manipulations.

Configure color management

You can dynamically set a color profile name.

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A new method in the Web API

The newly added GET method allows the host web application to download design and mockup files.

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Recolor QR/barcodes

Your users can now change the color of an added QR/barcode in the editor.

colorized barcode

Render PDF files for post-press

The latest update has made it possible to render a separate PDF file that contains only spot colors.

Rasterize vector shapes for PSD and IDML templates

We’ve added a new marker <SR> to rasterize vector elements in PSD or IDML templates, which may be required to improve UI responsiveness.

Stay updated with Customer’s Canvas

Get the latest version of Customer’s Canvas to use all of these exciting new features. Contact our support team if you have any questions regarding new functionality.

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