New online demos: Use various features to create T-shirt designs

The T-shirt printing business has secured a strong position in e-commerce and continues to grow. We have some good news for everyone who is working in this area and wants to make it easier for their customers to create T-shirt designs online. In our newly published online demos, we showcase how your customers can use different technologies available in the Customer’s Canvas online editor to personalize T-shirt designs. Let’s try on some of these features!

T-shirt designs with variable data

T-shirt with VDP

We will use this demo to show how you can create multiple T-shirt designs based on a single template by using variable data printing. With this technology, you can provide companies with the ability to create branded and personalized T-shirts for a large number of employees. Another example is the opportunity to sell team jerseys for multiple players while keeping the ordering process transparent and fast despite producing multiple designs.

Try VDP T-shirt designs demo

T-shirt editor for DTG Printing

Direct-to-garment t-shirt editor

This demo walks you through how the Customer’s Canvas online editor allows your customers to create T-shirt designs without restrictions, providing maximum design freedom. For example, if you use direct-to-garment technology, our online editor won’t limit your capabilities in any way. Our rendering engine is capable of creating a print-ready output that ensures an accurate transfer of the design from the screen to the fabric.

Try T-shirt editor for DTG printing

T-shirt editor for screen printing

Screen printing t-shirt editor

In this demo, you’ll learn how to set up Customer’s Canvas for a T-shirt that is printed using screen-printing technology. Printing equipment can be limited as to how many colors they can reproduce. Using our online editor, you’re able to restrict the number of colors available to your equipment and allow your customers to choose the colors available at your manufacturing site.

Try T-shirt editor for screen printing