Case Study: How to sell custom photo cakes with Customer’s Canvas web-to-print

This success story from a cake manufacturer shows how web-to-print opened a fresh way for customers to order and personalize cakes online.


Sponge Cakes is a UK-based online cake company that started its business in 2000 as a cafe in Norfolk. It grew into a large factory producing and delivering personalized cakes and brownies across the country.

Sponge Cakes has organized a convenient customer journey on its site for ordering personalized cakes. The web-to-print integration allowed customers to bring their creative visions to life and add an extra dash of joy to their celebrations. But this is just the beginning. The company has ambitious plans for the future use of Customer’s Canvas.

Customer’s Canvas has really helped us get some interesting new ideas. We’ve always wanted to get into the templated user design space somehow but had been resistant as the amount of software development work would have been huge. We’ve been getting some good feedback from the editor aspect of it. For example: ‘We’re super impressed with how easy-peasy the photo tool is on their site.” - says Phil Houghton, a Head of Technology at Sponge Cakes. 

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