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Customer’s Canvas brings online personalization capabilities to WooCommerce users

The Customer’s Canvas online editor can be integrated into any online application, thanks to its robust API. However, implementation requires extensive programming resources that are not always available to some printers. To make the integration process easier for these customers, our team is developing several plugins for the most popular platforms. Today, we are thrilled to announce that the Customer’s Canvas plugin for WooCommerce has joined our growing list of third-party integrations, alongside the Shopify plugin.

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What’s New in Customer’s Canvas 4.0

We don’t want to claim to be revolutionaries in the industry, but Customer’s Canvas is just that: revolutionary. In the last few months, we’ve been working hard on a major update for our lovely clients’ favorite web-to- print software. We rolled out Customer’s Canvas 4.0 earlier in November and it is one of the largest updates in the web app’s history - resolving up to 70 tasks in our issue tracker before resolving several additional issues that popped up during the update. Needless to say, we’re very proud of this shiny, new version. Let me highlight some of the most important improvements in 4.0.

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Version 3.2 – custom fonts and more flexibility in API

This release is one of the biggest updates for Customer’s Canvas. Among a lot of improvements implemented in this new version, the most significant changes are related to custom fonts support and the API providing even more features for seamless integration with websites. However it is not the only improvement.

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Customer’s Canvas 3.1 – multi-column text layout and anonymous user sessions

The new release brings new great functionality: even more advanced features for text layers, support for anonymous user sessions, and the possibility to change product templates at run-time.

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New Customer’s Canvas 2.0.2

We are releasing new version 2.0.2 fixing the issue with too thick text saved into PDF output.

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