Updated documentation: easier navigation and user-friendly interface

08 September 2021
Updated documentation: easier navigation and user-friendly interface
We’ve updated the documentation on our website. Customer’s Canvas consists of several components, libraries, and APIs, so you will likely need the complete integration and usage instructions.

We’ve gathered all the information about integration, editor configuration, and operations in one place. The documentation is now an even more convenient source of information for all of your team members who work closely with Customer’s Canvas:

  • For backend developers who integrate Customer’s Canvas.
  • For frontend developers who configure the editor.
  • For IT operations specialists who maintain a self-hosted version of Customer's Canvas.

We’ve also added a completely new User Guide section where you can see how to use Customer's Canvas from the perspective of different end-users like designers, online store content managers, and production team members who fulfill orders.

If you have recommendations for additional sections or feel stuck on a particular issue, feel free to contact us.

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