Meet New JavaScript API

27 January 2016
Meet New JavaScript API
We introduce a new pure JavaScript API which works at run-time.

Those who purchased Customer’s Canvas or looked into the evaluation package know that the product comes equipped with a query-string API. When we originally made a decision on what kind of API to use in the web-to-print solution, we weighed pros and cons and decided in favor of that approach due to simplicity.

Now when the product gets more complex use cases, limitations of the query-string API become more and more noticeable. The most important disadvantage is that the API doesn’t allow for changing print products and the editor settings at run-time after Customer’s Canvas is displayed on a web page.

Finally, we introduce a new pure JavaScript API (we named it “Iframe API”) which is free of those limitations. The new API is available in the product starting from the version 3.0.0 and is actively getting new features now. If you are a new customer and just start implementing the web-to-print editor, it’s worth looking into the new API and using it in the first place. Customer’s Canvas will be supporting both of the APIs in course of the upcoming releases but all new features are added only to the new JavaScript API. If you have written lots of code and don’t want to change the API now, it’s not a big deal, take your time. You will be even able to upgrade to newer versions of the product without significant changes in your source code.

We are working to upgrade all snippets in the documentation to the new API and the updated version will be soon available online.

Here is the topic discussing basics of the new API: Introduction Into Iframe API. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about it.

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