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New online demos: Preflight, In-place text editing and more...

17 November 2019
New online demos: Preflight, In-place text editing and more...
The Customer’s Canvas engineering team continues to add to the already impressive list of features for the online editor. These online demos allow you to explore the latest developments for our product, including those that were on display at the PRINT19 trade show.

Customer’s Canvas Preflight

This demo features the new add-on that ensures printers only receive their clients’ print-ready files that have already passed checks against certain requirements. You can check the file format, color space, and warn the client if their image resolution is lower than recommended.

Try preflight demo

In-place text editing

This demo puts the functionality of our brand new text engine on display with pixel-perfect text rendering that doesn’t require round trips to the server. Enjoy a native user interface for text editing and receive top quality from your final printed results.

Try in-place text editing demo

Variable data place cards

This demo showcases the workflow for creating variable data place cards for a wedding. The list of guests’ names is uploaded to the editor, and then a print-ready file for each individual card is generated. Another feature explored by this demo is utilizing a spot channel to print names using foiling.

Try VDP place card demo

Gift card

You can create multiple products within the same user interface in the Customer’s Canvas online editor. This demo allows you to see how a gift card and its carrier can be created in the same workflow.

Try gift card demo

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