New and updated online demos: envelopes, slippers, and phone case.

01 March 2020
New and updated online demos: envelopes, slippers, and phone case.
Our company operates on the philosophy that the only way to build quality products is by developing useful features that actually help clients solve their everyday tasks and automate the prepress process. We are aware of the solutions that the industry needs and have written them into code to develop the most powerful web-to-print personalization software available. We’ve recently updated the demo section of our website where we welcome you to experiment with some of the latest developments for our product.


This updated demo allows you to see how you could use Customer’s Canvas to create a comprehensive personalization interface for envelopes that not only includes design personalization, but also enables a variable data workaround. These features enable users to carry out all necessary actions to complete an order within a single webpage, which is key to making the process fast and intuitive. A multi-step interface created with UI Framework technology is essential to this ordering workflow.

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This demo shows how Customer’s Canvas can be used to streamline the ordering process for tangible products with complex shapes. Clients can choose the color, and then add images and text to the tops and sides of the slippers. The process for personalizing and ordering complex products like slippers has never been simpler.

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Phone case

We previously had several phone case demos showing different customizable layouts. In this updated demo, we’ve made layout selection part of the single-page interface. Users can choose between the available layouts or create a design from scratch.

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