Customer's Canvas is a 2020 InterTech Technology Award winner!

21 September 2020
Customer's Canvas is a 2020 InterTech Technology Award winner!
We are thrilled to announce that Customer’s Canvas received the prestigious award from PRINTING United Alliance.

The technologies submitted for consideration were judged on their innovation and likelihood of having a significant impact on the printing industry.

According to James Workman, vice president of PIA’s Center for Technology and Research, to obtain an award, judges must believe that a technology is indeed an important innovation and that it will have widespread impact. He says that with Customer’s Canvas, they ultimately noted that this product is able to put powerful customization capabilities in the hands of many more printing companies, accelerating the use of web-to-print solutions.

“We are proud to join the ranks of some of the biggest names in the printing industry. Our engineers and management team deserve every bit of recognition they received from the judges for their efforts,” says Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO at Customer’s Canvas by Aurigma, Inc. “This award is a huge honor for our company and vindication that we are on the right path. This recognition imposes a responsibility on us to continue providing the highest level of service possible for our customers and helping companies utilize web-to-print technology to achieve their business objectives.”

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