[Video]Image processing for web-to-print applications

24 November 2021
[Video]Image processing for web-to-print applications
Before introducing web-to-print software to the market, our company worked in image processing for more than 15 years. It turned out that this experience is very much in demand among printing companies. That's why Customer's Canvas has a reputation as one of the most powerful solutions on the market in terms of delivering quality, print-ready results. We decided to share our insights on solving rendering problems in a special publication.

We have shifted many image processing tasks to the front end, which has increased the speed of our editors, boosted the quality of graphics, and improved matching the design in the browser with the printed version. This paper examines the main features of image processing in web-to-print systems. We especially focused on what distinguishes this technology from desktop publishing systems, the likely points of difficulty, and how the Customer’s Canvas development team responds to these challenges.

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The full version of the article is available on the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) website. 

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