Introducing the new way to manage products in Customer’s Canvas

11 September 2023
Introducing the new way to manage products in Customer’s Canvas
Adapting to the dynamic digital commerce environment is an ever-evolving challenge. But what if you had a tool that could significantly streamline your processes and provide a better user experience for your customers? Today, we bring you a breakthrough in product catalog management – a brand new approach to configuring products in the Customer's Canvas Web-to-Print (W2P) platform.

Advanced product catalog management

Get ready to manage your product options like never before. Our updated “Product” section enables you to create products with predefined options, from size and paper stock to fold and orientation. The system then generates multiple product variants, giving you greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your catalog.

What does this mean for you? It means overcoming the limitations many eCommerce platforms face concerning product variety and introducing a higher level of complex business logic to your operations, such as an ordering workflow and pricing policy.

Your product assets controlled with ease

Save valuable time and reduce effort in handling product assets like designs and mockups. With the updated products section, you can easily connect assets to corresponding product variants, even when working in bulk. This feature is especially useful for products with multiple design variants, allowing you to add new assets on the fly without modifying the product.

Improve your customer's online design experience

Imagine providing a personalized and visually appealing interface for your customers. This update takes the customer's online designing experience to a new level, allowing them to configure their product within the editor, with customizable descriptions, tooltips, images, and color codes for each product option and value. We're talking about an enhanced, seamless product personalization journey for your customers.

Achieve seamless eCommerce integration

Unlock endless possibilities for selling personalized products with e-commerce integration. From setting up private B2B storefronts to creating a convenient product catalog based on filtered variants of the same product, such as premium or square business cards.

The integration provides seamless ways to link your product variants to the corresponding ones in the eCommerce storefront. For example, you can use SKU parameters that help streamline pricing rules and shopping cart work.

This is not just a new tool for your business, this is a paradigm shift in digital commerce. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of our early adopters has to say: "The new Customer’s Canvas solution has transformed our operations. Managing product variations is now efficient and seamless, and our clients love the improved online design experience."

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