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Year in review: 2020

29 December 2020
Year in review: 2020
2020 will go down in history as one of the toughest years on record for the world economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that an online presence should be an integral part of business strategies for those companies that want to survive and thrive next year. It has been an arduous but productive year for the Customer’s Canvas team. As always, we have been hard at work throughout the year to improve our product and make your experience with Customer’s Canvas as smooth as possible. As we finally shut the door on 2020, we want to thank everyone who has worked with Customer’s Canvas this year, shine a light on the achievements of the year, and share our future plans.

New features

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the year, we have made some major improvements based on the feedback and needs of our customers. We’ve made our editor even more user-friendly for the end-user with the introduction of group objects. Your clients can now group design elements on the canvas. Your designers are able to group elements when creating a product design in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop and our editor will preserve these groups after you import the file.

There has been a significant update to our advanced text engine. We’ve managed to fix the difference in rendering quality between the online preview in the browser and the print-ready output. Now, you can be sure that the end user will get the same result in both the online editor and in print. We’ve expanded the capabilities of WYSIWYG text editing. It’s now possible to choose the preferred text input method depending on your use case, whether it’s form-based text editing, editing text on canvas, or pop-up editing.

We’ve also used this year to work at improving the Customer’s Canvas APIs. For example, our developers have added a separate package for the object model of DesignAtoms. We’ve made it possible to retrieve variable items from state files by using the Web API as well. 

We’ve mentioned some of our major featured updates, but this is only a selection of the several other updates our development team has worked hard on in 2020. We’ve managed to release 48 major and minor updates in total this year.

Customer's Canvas is a 2020 InterTech Technology Award winner

The effort our team has put into taking our product to the next level was recognized. Customer’s Canvas received the prestigious InterTech Technology Award from PRINTING United Alliance. This award is a huge honor for our company and vindication that we are on the right path!

Stay updated with Customer’s Canvas in 2021!

Despite the doom and gloom of the current situation, there are many exciting emerging capabilities for companies in our industry. The boom in online shopping and the increasing demand for personalized products are forcing businesses to change and adapt to new realities. We are prepared to help you along the way!

Our plans are even bigger for 2021. We’ll continue to work on improving Customer’s Canvas, and we actually have some pretty big news on that topic coming soon.

Follow our updates to stay informed on the latest Customer’s Canvas features!

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