Customer's Canvas at PRINT19: Back Office, Text Engine and many more

13 September 2019
Customer's Canvas at PRINT19: Back Office, Text Engine and many more
Our team is heading to PRINT19 trade show with the list of new features that will be demonstrated by our representatives. In this blog, we will highlight some of the features that we will be showcasing.

Where to find us

Our representatives will be happy to meet you at booth #131

Here is the list of new features that we will be demonstrating at Print19.

Customer's Canvas Back Office


This is a technology that simplifies workflows for configuring products so that non-technical people can set up new product categories, which are then available for ordering on the client’s website. It presents an opportunity for printing companies to deploy a full-scale web-to-print integration relatively quickly. With Customer's Canvas Back Office we bridge the gap between e-commerce and web-to-print with our new backend, which facilitates the management of products along with their digital assets.

Read more about Back Office technology

Brand new Text Engine

Text engine

We develop an innovative text layout engine that improves text rendering features in the web browser and brings them up to par with advanced desktop publishing systems.

Read more about new Text Engine

Customer's Canvas Preflight


Save your employee and your clients time by performing automatic checks against the requirements on the designs uploaded to your website

Read more about Customer's Canvas Preflight

Variable data printing


We showcased VDP functionality at Print18 and have received a great deal of positive feedback from our clients. VDP is now among our top priorities, and we are working hard on new capabilities that make various personalization scenarios possible for your B2B customers. Our new VDP module can cater to personalized print campaigns of any complexity.

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Design Atoms API

Design atoms

API to work with each element of a design loaded in the editor. It is similar to DOM API in JS – you can iterate each element of your design, query a specific element by its name, read and modify its properties, add or remove elements.

Read more about Design Atoms API

UI Framework


The technology that helps implement complex personalization workflows easily and deploy them on their online storefronts or other web applications.

Read more about UI Framework

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